Scattered Glass

Wish Stones

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Comforting to hold, similar to worry stones, our Wish Stones fit into the palm of your hand. Like stones from the earth, they are made slightly irregular in shape. Small in size, approximately .75 inches in diameter (2 cm) and can easily be carried in a purse or a pocket. They can be taken all over the world or given back to the earth. These were the first glass items that Scattered Glass created with ash.


While the glass is in a molten state, ash is encased between color and clear glass. In a single order, you will receive 5 Wish Stones which can all be the same color or made with different colors. To receive multiple colors in your order, send me a note including the color names during check out when placing your order.

Please remember that every piece is individually hand made so slight variations should be expected. Because of this, exact shape, form, color and dimensions may vary and cannot be guaranteed. We will work with you as closely as needed to help you understand what these variations may entail. Much care goes into the design and construction of each set of Wish Stones to ensure superior quality.