Steps to Place an Order

1st Step: Collection Kit
When you place an order with Scattered Glass, we will send you a Collection Kit. This kit contains everything needed to collect a small amount of cremation ash so that we can make your art piece. You should receive this kit within 8 business days of placing your order.  

 Scattered Glass Collection Kit - Cremation Ash Memorial Glass Art


The Collection Kit includes:
  • suggested guidance of how to conduct the ash collection
  • a scoop
  • a container to securely transport the ash during travel
  • USPS Priority Mail Express postage label & envelope 
We suggest for you to send the Kit back to us using the shipping materials provided since USPS Priority Mail Express currently is the only shipping service that acknowledges legal transportation of cremation ash. Please note, it is completely up to you to choose the shipping service that you see fit to send the Collection Kit back to us. It is your responsibly to directly pay for the shipping service of your choice.  


2nd Step: Artwork Creation

You will be notified when we receive the Kit with ashes. Then, we will begin the creation of your artwork. 

Each art piece requires approximately 1/2 teaspoon of cremation ash to create. Any ash not used during this process will be returned to you with your custom art piece.

Learn more about the hot & cold glass creation processes we use at Scattered Glass. 


 3rd Step: Receipt of your Artwork

Once Scattered Glass receives the Collection Kit with cremation ashes, your order will ship within 2-6 weeks. Different creation processes take different amounts of time to complete with care. When your piece has been completed, we will notify you of the expected delivery date. 

Please let us know right away if you have an anticipated date to receive your art piece. Contact us before placing your order if you have any questions about the shipping or delivery process.