Who We Are

Scattered Glass creates elegant glass memorial keepsakes and jewelry with cremation ash. We focus on designing smaller pieces that can be worn as an accessory such as jewelry or carried right along with you. Each memorial art piece is custom and as unique as your loved one.

We understand that everyone's heart works through loss and grief in different ways. Our intention is to support you and honor the life of your lost loved one through the visual and tactile connection of glass art. We respect and honor all spiritual and end-of-life beliefs. Everyone is welcome with us.

How We Began

I have been a glass artist and sculptor for 15 years following a dual passion and curiosity in biological sciences. The venture that became Scattered Glass began several years ago when my long time friend asked me to make an art piece about her father who passed away while we were still in high school. Julie's father was a traveler, a world venturer always telling us stories of the exotic places he had seen and the people he had met along his way.

After her father's death, Julie's family wanted to take his cremation ashes across seas to spread them through the countries where he had spent so much time and shared his love. But with the family's conflicting schedules, years went by before they were able to agree on a resolution.
As my close friend for many years, Julie has known of my deep respect for our natural world and life cycles. So, she asked for my help. By understanding her perpetuate grievances, I wanted to find a way. In taking the same approach and care that I have always done when making artwork, I was able to successfully encapsulate cremation ash between layers of glass and the first Wish Stones were made.

By simply holding the Wish Stones, this instantly helped to heal Julie's grief and bring her family close again. When seeing this happen, I realized that I wanted to guide others towards this same kind of relief and closure. 

Scattered Glass is a female-owned company formed through a very small collaborative team. As the Creative Founder of Scattered Glass, I am committed to making informed business decisions based on my genuine values of authenticity, compassion and absolute inclusivity of everyone. Thank you for sharing your trust and your honor with us. I individually handle each piece through the entire creation process to ensure every client is satisfied with their memoriam. You may view my personal artwork here