Scattered Glass

Remembrance Earrings

Regular price $925.00

These custom earrings are entirely handmade. Flat clear glass is stacked into approximately 12 thin layers. Ash and mica shimmer is embedded between 3 of the layers to create a visual pattern. The outside form of each earring is then carefully hand sculpted using a manual lathe. The surface finish is a soft translucent texture like satin. A polished facet sits amongst the satiny finish which draws you in closer to explore the interior layers of each earring.

The approximate length of your earrings will be 2.5 inches (6.5 cm) and will hang 3.0 inches (7.5 cm) with the hand formed sterling earwire.

Please remember that since every piece is individually handmade, slight variations should be expected. Because of this, exact shape, form, color and dimensions may vary and cannot be guaranteed. We will work with you as closely as needed to help you understand what these variations may entail. Much care goes into the design and construction of each set of earrings to ensure superior quality. 

If you are looking for a design that is not offered in the Remembrance Series, please contact us with an inquiry. 

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